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Summary Subversion integration for Visual Basic 6
Category scm
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) heathcliff


Subversion Integration for Microsoft Visual Basic 6
Copyright by: René Lergner
Feedback to: svnvb6@xs4all.nl
Feedback to: vorteccpi@tigris.org
This software may be distributed under the terms of the


Latest news

Oct 08, 2011 - Thanks to Paul Becker at Eclipse Engineering a new release of SVNVB6 was built with the addition of many new features.

0.4.6 Context Menu: 0.5.0 Context Menu:  
0.4.6 context menu 0.5.0 context menu 

This version has undergone extensive changes so please test away and feel free to provide feedback.


<-- Many new features available in the context menu.


Download version 0.5.0 and enjoy!

May 20, 2008 - Thanks to Carlos Alberto Nunes and Michal Cybinski a new release of SVNVB6 was built with some new features and bug-fixes. Download version 0.4.6 and enjoy!



Subversion is a version-control system for source code, like Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Many developers would prefer Subversion over SourceSafe but there have been only a few attempts to integrate Subversion with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The developer’s goal is to create a useful incorporation of Subversion within the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 development environment.

This add-in is a standard plugin for Visual Basic. It does not comply to the interface which Microsoft designed for Source Code Control plugins. This interface is not really suitable for an integration of Subversion. And for using the Microsoft SCC interface special licenses are needed.


Current status

A lot of new Subversion features have been recently implemented within the add-in. A new download package is now available and source code will be available after feedback is received.  Even with all the new features, there is still a lot of room for improvement.  Any help to improve this software is appreciated.

The current work-in-progess is options:
Otions dialog screenshot
Note the correlation to MS VSS settings.

All sources are available through the Subverion-repository and the binaries and documentation can be downloaded from the “Files” section.


Related resources

The add-in should be used in combination with Subversion, TortoiseSVN and WinMerge.  See the documentation for details.
Keywords: SVNVB6 SVN VB6 Subversion Visual Basic 6 IDE Integration